sabato 21 maggio 2011

The crisis of the Arab Authoritarian Regimes

The Crisis of the Arab Authoritarian Regimes

Authoritarian regimes: the case of the National Democratic Party in Egypt.
Egypt and Mubarak: leadership, ideology, pluralism and mobilization.

The Arab Spring: a social, liberal, Islamic, military, youthful revolution.
From Tunisia to Syria: a revolutionary wave (1848, 1968, 1989).
Armed forces and social movements: their relations with political power.

Political Islam – The Muslim Brotherhood: an international organization.
The revolts: Tahrir Square, social networks and media, the Fridays, pacifism.
Religious sectarianism and confessional challenges: Christians, Sufis and Salafists.

Iran and the “Green Movement” (2009): anticipating the revolts.
Israel and the Palestinian Territories: the consequences of the revolts.
Cultural movements and revolution: civil society and new techniques in the cultural industry.

Giuseppe Acconcia
Bocconi, Milano, 19 maggio 2011

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